what is Proxy Solicitation

A proxy is the "attempt by a group to get permission from other members to vote on their behalf in a bulletin of the organization" according to businessdictionary.com Especially in business, is the attempt by a group of shareholders to influence other shareholders to vote a certain way on specific issues of corporate governance.
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    general definition

        Under the company law of the United States , shareholders are required to vote on certain issues, such as the election of directors . All or a portion (one third) of the board is up for election each year, according to the bylaws. In addition , issues of corporate governance that could affect the rights of individual shareholders are presented to shareholders ; these issues are recapitalizations, restructurings such as reincorporation in a different state , and mergers and acquisitions where the interests of shareholders may be diluted .
    Proxy Statement

        Questions to be submitted to shareholders for a vote are detailed in a proxy statement . As most shareholders is not present at a meeting of shareholders for a vote (usually on the basis of one vote for each common share held ) , the votes are usually expressed through a proxy ( a replacement ), where a shareholder has given the Crown the right to vote a certain way .

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        All matters presented to shareholders in large corporations are subject to proxy solicitation. Small businesses are more likely to take their shareholders from a regional basis and could expect all shareholders to attend in person at a meeting for a vote. Management in large companies usually hires a company proxy in advance of the annual meeting to ask permission to vote their shares for the slate of management administration , or in the case of exceptional issues accordance with the recommendation of management . Usually , there is no opposition to the position of management, and recommends shareholders vote in management . This is when there is an opposition or discord in the ranks that the shareholder " proxy " takes on a more ominous tone.
    proxy fight

        When a group of shareholder opposes the recommendation of management , proxy solicitation words are used by parties representing the different parties and the press to invoke a sense of conflict. This feeling is also provided in the replacement expression , proxy fight . Disgruntled shareholder groups will often deliver a proxy fight when they are unhappy with management policies or feel that the management has not done enough to maximize shareholder value , and they seek to have their position represented map . A proxy fight may also arise in the context of a hostile takeover , where the purchasing group has purchased shares of the target company , enabling the group to acquire voting and management recommended that shareholders reject the proposal acquisition .
    Inquiry: normal and exceptional

        A proxy is a normal function of the ordinary practice of corporate governance in the United States , especially for large corporations, when it is not practical for all shareholders representing a majority or quorum shares outstanding to attend a meeting in which questions would be subject to a vote. A proxy takes on a more controversial when a group of shareholder decides to present a position in opposition to the recommendation of management .

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